The Ground Floor Facility of the Medical Center will have large entrances, spacious waiting lounge, 2 Elevators (one passenger and one bed elevator), Reception and Help Desks on the ground floor. The Emergency Entrance, Triage and Treatment room along with Radiology and Doctor’s Consultation room, Isolation room, X Ray Room, OPG Dental X-Ray, Observation Rooms; are set up on the ground floor. The Pharmacy and Optical outlets are located near the entrances.

The First floor is a large Out Patient Department with a spacious waiting area, Doctors rooms, treatment room, Dressing room, Injection room, Vaccination room, Storage, billing counters, public toilets and Blood sample collection room next to the medical laboratory. A cafeteria, children’s play area and male and female prayer rooms are provided.

The Second floor will have a large central waiting area, Physiotherapy, Dermatology clinic, Cardiology Clinic, Dental rooms, along with the offices, pharmacy store, general store, IT room, Biomedical Engineering rooms are provided.

The facility will have all safety features including Fire-fighting systems, Telecommunication systems, Backup Power, Over Head water tank, Air Conditioning and Air Ventilation. The facility will have Electronic Medical Record System.


The Medical Center Follows a patient friendly and care oriented Policy.Health Insurance and Corporate Privileges are encouraged and the best efforts are made to ensure that the processing of claims and discounts are timely and coordinated, to insure hassle-free care of the patient. The Insurance and Corporate Desk liaises with external agencies to support patient care.

Al Hilal Multi Specialty Medical Center is located in the heart of Riffa close to the major highways and accessible to patients coming from any area.

The entrance to the medical center is spacious with the reception and waiting lounge spread around the main lobby.The patient waiting areas is spread across the 2 stories and are integrated for ease of movement and spacious interiors.An ambient environment is created for better patient comfort.

The Out Patient care area includes Consultation Suites of our Specialist Doctors with a spacious waiting lounge. We value our patient’s time, taking special care to make sure the waiting is minimal and the process of consultation and treatment goes on without a hitch.

The medical center is a multi-specialty healthcare facility providing specialized care in the field of Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, ENT, General Medicine, Specialty Dentistry and Periodontics and Orthodontics.

The Medical Center Emergency facility consists of an Emergency Room equipped with Lifesaving medical equipment, manned by trained Doctors and Nurses. The Department is geared to handle any emergencies anytime anywhere.

Executive Check-up, Master Health Check-up, Diabetic Health Check-up,Well Women check-up,Senior Citizen Check-up,Corporate Medical Services